Our Vision

Our Team


Our Values
Energy efficiency is part of our culture and something we have been incorporating into our builds since 2009. We believe in being sustainable not only in our product choices but also in creating future-focused communities. The simple fact is, all Kiwis deserve a warm, economical, durable, and healthy home, and to live in communities that are financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

A lot of people talk about making a difference, but for us it’s the highest value we hold. We want to see all Kiwis have access to warmer healthier homes and we believe that by doing good business, with good people, together we can change the world. 

Our Team
We came together from our shared values. 

Michael Gödert

Mike is our vorarbeiter, our foreman and German master carpenter. Like us, he values quality, precision, and efficiency, and his commitment to better housing is one of the reasons we are all here. 

Mike overseas a team of carpenters in the Ecopanel factory and brings attention to detail, and a wealth of expertise to each and every job, but more importantly, he brings a dedication to our work of making a positive impact to New Zeland communities. 

Che Perau

Che is our operations manager and he's working with us becasue he shares our same values and wanted to make an impact. Che has nearly 20 years experience in the building industry, including a very successful stint doing project and business management. 

Che has his finger on the pulse of every job, and is continually working to ensure that everything is in place to help everyone be efficient and satisfied in their work. 

Ingo True

Ingo is our draftsman and German master carpenter. His expertise is critical to issuing shop drawings and their accuracy is a testament to his superb expertise and attention to detail.   

When Ingo is not drawing plans, he enjoys helping build and install the panels. 

Dan Saunders & Jennifer Hamlin

This is us, the directors of Ecopanel. There's no need to go on about our own accolaides, instead we'll let our work, and affiliation with great people, speak for itself.  


Making a difference is all in a day's work for Mike and the team at Ecopanel. 

Making a difference is all in a day's work for Mike and the team at Ecopanel.