our story

When we first had the opportunity to use these panels, we knew we were seeing the way of the future.

The Ecopanel Structural Insulated Wall System evolved after we first used these panels on a high-performance Superhome we were building with our other company, Dan Saunders Construction. The panels were prefabricated in a factory and were delivered and erected seamlessly on site. The house went from slab to roof in just two days! The house wasn’t supposed to be a passive house, but it met air tightness standards for a passive house. Proof of just how good these panels are. 

The opportunity came up for us to take on the business and there was no question that we would do it. We loved the fact that these panels are locally made using products that are chosen to be more sustainable. We loved the fact that it was using fine German engineering, with a proven track record of performance. Unlike other structural insulated panels, or standard framing, you won’t find polystyrene or polyurethane foam insulation here. We choose products that are the best we can find for creating low-carbon, low-toxicity, and affordable homes. We are always challenging ourselves to do better by researching more sustainable, compostable options - it’s a challenge, but something we are absolutely dedicated to.

The result is a wall system that is being used all around NZ, in ultra-low energy houses, passive houses, high-performance houses, bespoke architectural houses, small energy-efficient houses and even into the public housing sector. We are making a difference. It’s the future for building in New Zealand – the very best building solution for thermal efficiency, durability, health, and comfort of the home. It simply is the better way to build.

Our values

We are builders with more than 25 years’ experience. Energy efficiency is part of our culture and something we have been incorporating into our builds since 2010. We believe in being sustainable not only in our product choices but also in creating future-focused communities. The simple fact is, all Kiwis deserve a warm, economical, durable, and healthy home, and to live in communities that are financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

A lot of people talk about making a difference, but for us it’s the highest value we hold. We want to see all Kiwis have access to warmer healthier homes and we believe that by doing good business, with good people, together we can change the world.